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Welcome to Writers--club!

We are a group for writers of all kinds! We accept all types of literature, the only limit to what you can write and submit is what your imagination can create! :la:

For quick an easy navigation around the club, here are some links to help you out. Feel free to note the club if you have any questions or comments.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact the founder, TheFinalHikari.

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Hello, everyone!

April is National Poetry Writing Month! Many writing groups and colleges are holding a variety of events to celebrate the month of the year that is all about our wonderful poets.

Additionally, some writers have taken up NaPoWriMo as a challenge like NaNoWriMo in November, except to write a poem for every day of the month. We've opened a special folder in our group gallery title National Poetry Writing Month with a one submission per day limit. This is higher than the group's usual one deviation per week limit and we hope that our poets will enjoy getting more of their work out there this month!

:bulletred: Submissions must be poems published in April of 2014. :bulletred:

The folder can be found here:…

The folder will close on May 1st.

We look forward to reading your submissions!

Happy NaPoWriMo!
More Journal Entries

Member of the Month

Our newest member feature goes to Ron van Achterberg, known as recklezz84 here on DA!

He has self published the novel 2260 Journal of a Runner.

The overview...

"In the year 2260, a young man leaves the nuclear fallout bunker he grew up in. He takes a job as a runner so he can venture out into the outside world. His job is simple, explore the wasteland and gatherer valuable information about the outside world. He steps into a world that still hasn’t fully recovered from the Third World War. His journal follows his adventures as he explores the world. Will he be able to survive in the post apocalyptic world after leaving the safety of the bunker?

It’s a story full of action, fear, horror, passion, joy, friendship, love and sex. "

His ebook book is available through Amazon.

2260 Journal of a Runner on Amazon

He also offers advice to fellow writers, exclusive to this feature.

"My advice, write what you want and don’t let anybody tell you what you can or can’t do. Let out your creativity and write down whatever you want to write down. Enjoy yourself and don’t push yourself to hard. Writing should be fun, not a stressful job."

:bulletpurple: Teaser part, start of the story.Don't copy or upload it anywere without my written approval :) Copywrited by me.
*Updated part, 27-12-2013*
24 June 2260
“Stop!” Parker yells to me while we are running down the corridor. I immediately stop and look back at Parker who points at a leaflet that is pasted on the cold steel wall. Slowly I walk back and read the leaflet. “Runner wanted to go outside and find new supplies. Need to be 18+ and in good physical condition.”
“I’m 18 next week and I always wanted to leave this bunker I should apply.” I say looking at parker.
“No way, you don’t know what is out there!” Parker replies shocked.
“That’s why I want to get out of here, I’m bored sick in this bunker. We’ve grown up in this bunker and we have been here for generations. Something must be out there by now.” I reply while I start walking again straight towards the recruitment post leaving Parker behind standing there. The post is on the

:bulletpurple: Cover for 2260 by recklezz84 :bulletpurple:

Please check out the rest of his gallery too! :heart:

Past featured members:
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Meet your staff! We are very welcoming and would love to help you! If you have any questions feel free to note or message us!

We appreciate all of our members!








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can u accept my new writing devation
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            I am looking for a group where I can submit non-fiction writings.  Do you accept non-fiction?



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just wanna ask for your opinion?…
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