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Welcome to Writers--club!

We are a group for writers of all kinds! We accept all types of literature, the only limit to what you can write and submit is what your imagination can create! :la:

For quick an easy navigation around the club, here are some links to help you out. Feel free to note the club if you have any questions or comments.

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:bulletred: FAQ :bulletred:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the founder, RollingTomorrow.

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These are our many wonderful affiliates!

If you would like to affiliate with us, just send an invite! :D
The critique folders have been changed, the new ones are named exactly the same as the old ones:


The submition process works exactly the same as before with the exception that you have to follow the new rules Critique Program ChangesWe need to make a few changes to the critique program, please read the new rules carefully :love:
1. Members need to specify that they are seeking critique in their deviation descriptions.
:bulletred: This helps us control the number of deviations we get that are simply put into the critique folder for an 'extra' comment. Please be aware that posting into the critique folders means our contributors will give you an honest opinion on your work. If you have an issue with anything they say please contact me-Annuski directly about it. It does not mean that you can only enter if you are a premium member. Simply write in your comment that you want a critique.
2. Members must include two to five specific questions that they would like the critic to answer.
:bulletred: This speeds up the critique program to help us get through the deviations quicker. It will also help us address your specific needs (as it makes no sense for us to be commenting on your character

The old critique folders will be visible until the end of July and can be found here:


Please check through the old folders and note me (Annuski) directly with a link to a deviation you still want to have critiqued. Please do not resubmit the piece already in the old folders, simply ask me to move it into the new folder. Please also edit your comment to contain the information requested for a critique =)

Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience :blushes:.
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Member of the Month

Our newest member feature goes to Martin Landry, known as 914four here on DA!

He has self published the novel The Kentauride.

The overview...

"Tanita awoke in an abandoned factory to the sound of gunfire, her memory blank, nude, with a terrible hangover. And that was the high point of her day...
Set in modern day New England, this is the first book of a three volume series that follows Tanita the Kentauride's evolution as she struggles to understand who she is, what she is, and how she came to be. Who are the voices in her mind, claiming to be angels, and what do they want from her? Why is Mark, a normal teenager, so intent on hiding her, and could she really be falling for him? Running for her life, fighting xenophobia and ignorance, can she unlock the secrets of her past before it's too late?
The technology and science in this book are, for the most part, entirely plausible, with a not-so-subtle nod to geek folklore. If you understand and appreciate the humour in XKCD, you will probably find this novel entertaining.
Contains absolutely no vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts sea monsters or extra-terrestrial beings, but if you've ever dreamt of actually encountering a centaur, this book will surely appeal to you. "

His ebook book is available through Amazon.

The Kentauride on Amazon
The book is also available on Amazon in countries outside of the United States.…

He also offers advice to fellow writers, exclusive to this feature.

"Holly Lisle is the author of over thirty books, mostly published by publishing houses. About four years ago she tried to convince me that self-publishing had come of age, and that she would never deal with a publishing house or an agent again. After speaking to several agents, I reluctantly took her advice, and in the end it turned out to be the right decision for me. Please note that I am a hobbyist author, and have a day job; your situation may be entirely different, and an agent may still be a better option for you in the long run, only you can make that decision."

He also provides extremely detailed and helpful information based off of his experiences with publishing.

<i."Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so. " - Douglas Adams

A few things I learned along the way, if you plan to self-publish, are as follows; remember, an agent or a publisher will normally do most of these things for you, but they will also expect you to write your novel on their terms. First, never trust your spelling and grammar checker, they are never infallible, and may cause you to become complacent. It's always best to hire an editor who is trained to edit manuscripts to proof your book; even if you are an English major, because your eye will see what you think it sees, you most likely will not catch errors in what you've written. Ever tried that reading test where you have to count how many times the word "the" appears in the text? I rest my case.

The second item is, unless you are highly skilled in cover design, it is worth investing in having a professional design and/or create your cover. My wife buys at least two ebooks a week from Kindle, and she says that if the cover "looks wrong" (her words), she will skip it without even reading the description. Make sure your cover looks good as a thumbnail too.

The third item is, make sure you have written something people actually want to read. If your novel is targeted at a niche market, be sure you identify that niche and mention it in the description. "The Kentauride," my first novel, is actually science fantasy, yet there is an element of romance and I was advised to classify the book as such ("because romance sells so much better than scifi, right?"). Needless to say, the reaction was less than stellar; the expectations of the audience were not met, and several people returned the book. Since the book was moved to science fiction and fantasy, it has had far greater success, and I now regularly get fan mail from readers.

Item four, make sure you price your book competitively. You may have written the most amazing book ever, but if no one wants to spend $9.99 buying it, no one will read it. My wife says that, unless you are New York Times best-selling author, she will not buy your book if it is more than five dollars, and if you only have one book, much less than that. Look at other books in your genre, see what they are selling for, and adjust accordingly.

The last item I think needs to be highlighted is, you need to promote your book. Word of mouth is great, but you either need the people who read your book to tell others about it, or you need to tell others. Reviews are very useful, but expect that you may need to spend a few dollars on advertising, running promotions, etc. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask.</i>

:bulletpurple: :bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple: AloneI am alone in the ground floor apartment, the one we have shared for almost two years.  I lie in bed listening, waiting for the discrete sound at the back door announcing that he is home.  The solitude is oppressing.  How many nights I've lain here quietly, listening to the sound of my breathing and wondering when or even if he will return.  Lately, he has been coming home later and later, and I am sometimes tempted to ignore him, to lock him out and not let him in.  
Of course, if I did such a thing he would simply go and spend the night with one of his many mistresses, leaving me all alone with my heart broken, worrying.  The address on his license is mine, but he has made it abundantly clear that I do not own him, command him, or have any claim to his affections.  He shares his love because he wants to, and stays only because he chooses to.  
He is quite handsome, a fact that is not lost on him; vanity s

:bulletpurple: The Deal"So tell me, Miss, ah, Ms. Klein, what gave you the impression that my firm would have any interest in purchasing your eternal soul?"
"Well, I was told that that was what you do?"
"Amongst other things, yes, but the soul market has become quite saturated of late.  Definitely not a seller's market I'm afraid, what with the new banking laws and all.  What is it you want Ms. Klein?" he asked as he stroked his goatee absentmindedly.
"I want eternal beauty," the attractive young woman said, holding his gaze.
"I, ah, I'm afraid head office no longer allows that sort of thing, Ms Klein," the handsome man replied.  "Long term liabilities are frowned upon, and anything without a firm closing date in the agreement can not be made binding under any circumstances.  The best we can do is grant you beauty to a specific date."
"Well, we could grant you beauty until, say, December 31st, 2020, for example."
"But that's not even worth it!" she exclaimed, d

Please check out the rest of his gallery too! :heart:

Past featured members:
:bulletblue: Mexmrslovett :bulletblue: GhuneiM :bulletblue: Spasm101 :bulletblue: RollingTomorrow :bulletblue: ShouldEverBeForgot :bulletblue: SunshineAndDaisies :bulletblue: Bebopboy :bulletblue: Iniphineas :bulletblue: Fwe :bulletblue: EvilpixieA :bulletblue: missbagel :bulletblue: Jadite :bulletblue: Hildetann :bulletblue: CollectTheBroken :bulletblue: Carmalain7 :bulletblue: EternalSunday :bulletblue: GreyBird4 :bulletblue: Treo-LeGigeo :bulletblue: Ysabetwordsmith :bulletblue: Christa-Kinde :bulletblue: DarkLeliel :bulletblue: mlatimerridley :bulletblue: Nicholas-Landon :bulletblue: Art-of-the-Seraphim :bulletblue: Bark :bulletblue: SecretWindow11 :bulletblue: Christianonfire7 :bulletblue: recklezz84 :bulletblue:


Meet your staff! We are very welcoming and would love to help you! If you have any questions feel free to note or message us!

We appreciate all of our members!








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